A support site
for your SaaS business

Help your customers help themselves. Whether you're launching a new business, or looking to lighten support for your current business, a Fieldhelp support site can help.

Knowledge base

Give your customers a place to find answers to common questions and trim support requests with a knowledge base.

Support form

Give customers a place to contact you. We provide a support form that forwards along any requests that come in.

Flat pricing

Fieldhelp is free to use during setup. Once you're ready to take the knowledge base live, we charge a flat monthly fee.

Quickly build a support website

Fieldhelp gets out of the way so you can quickly build a support website and get back to growing your business.

Use topics to answer questions

There's always those questions it feels like everyone asks, am I right? Turn those into topics and use your energy elsewhere.

  • Unlimited topics

    Add as many topics as you'd like! You pay the same amount whether you have 10 topics or 1000 topics. (For your customer's sanity, please don't have 1000 topics)

  • Easy to use editor

    Outside of the everyday elements you expect: headings, text, tables, images, and lists- we also allow you to embed videos and link to your other topics.

  • Hide 'em, show 'em

    Sometimes you have a topic you only want certain people to see. Mark a topic as "hidden" and it won't appear in your knowledge base, only with the URL.

Topic editor

Categorize your topics

Organize your topics into categories. Categories make topics easier to find for your customer, and you!

  • Unlimited categories

    Remember how we were telling you about all those topics you can add? The same thing applies to categories- there's no limit!

  • Pixel perfect icons

    Make categories easier to find with the right icon. We have an incredible selection of icons to choose from.


Hey, do you want to see our knowledge base?

Simple no-tricks pricing

You only pay for Fieldhelp when your support website is live.

Monthly subscription

Create an account and it's free to use the entire time you're building your support website. We'll only start charging you once your support website is live.

What's included

  • A customizable knowledge base

  • Unlimited topics and categories

  • A hosted support form

  • Future updates

Pay when you're ready

$29 USD

Billed monthly

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